This Dan O'Brien

fishplayinghooky said: Cilantro: love it or hate it?

Excellent question holy shit hate it.

  1. thescreamingtrigger said: NO! You were doing so well.
  2. pavlovs-pigeon said: same
  3. you-should-see-me-in-a-crown said: I read once (in the NYT I think?) that like/dislike of cilantro was possibly genetic, and that some people experience the taste differently then others (ie, your genes say whether you taste “soap” or “green”).
  4. neutralangel said: It tastes like I am eating soap and hate.
  5. robbinsfilm said: Totally agree. Especially in Mexican food. I’m eating something savory and deep flavored, get your minty-zesty weirdness outta there!
  6. thekarpwedeserve said: I apologize sir, but you are wrong.
  7. blastitwithpiss said: I had to google it cause in the UK they call it Coriander, but shit. When I moved here I didn’t expect them to put it in fucking everything, and it’s the grossest shit. I work in a restaurant and Coriander is in every fucking dish.
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