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Anonymous said: I'm sure you've gotten this question a thousand times now, but does it make you at all uncomfortable that the majority of the comments on the new (and awesome!) Star Wars sketch are about how awesome your hair and beard look? And are you gonna keep it scruffy?

We spend a bunch of time on every script. Someone comes up with an idea, it gets bounced around and workshopped in a meeting, and then someone writes it, and everyone gives notes. Maybe someone else does a pass on the script, or maybe the original writer takes it. Then we plan the shoot, and we get a crew, and a make-up person and a director and DP, and we shoot it. We pick our costumes, block the thing, rehearse the thing and shoot the thing. We control it all. An edit will come in, and then we’ll all give notes on the edit, everyone making sure the sketch or episode says what we want it to say. We plan and write and cut and meticulously organize as much of it as we can.

Then the video will come out and every comment will be about someone’s facial hair. Or a reference to a show the commenters like. Or a hot chick.

That’s not bitterness, that’s just how things go, it’s one of the weird things we discovered doing this job. I can’t get upset if people would rather talk about some weird pointless and unplanned detail instead of the actual content of the sketch, because that’s life. There’s an episode of AOC where a large chunk of the comments section is dedicated to the time on my watch; speculation on whether or not we intentionally chose a certain time on my watch because it represented a Bible verse that was relevant to the episode, (we didn’t), and another episode where commenters are convinced that, if you pause the video at a certain time, you could see the outline of my junk. There are a number of comments on last week’s Political PSA video talking, not about the writing or performance, but about the kind of gun Soren is holding in one scene for five seconds.

It’s fine. We can try to control as much as we want, but we can’t predict what people will latch onto. Life, and so on. Thanks for the kind words.

  1. nothappyproductions said: You guys need to start making a bunch of bad videos if you want people to be surprised enough to comment on the high quality ones.
  2. the-cunning-linguistics said: I apologize, I’m usually not one to read video comments or even laugh outwardly (don’t know why, just the way it is), but reading this, and your manner of factually stating the absurdity - not necessarily in a bad way - of the comments made me cry.
  3. the-once-and-future-curator said: Dammit O’Brien! Your scruffy awesome beard was all I could focus on. Sigh…
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