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CNN Made a Video About Cracked

And I can die happy knowing that my contribution to a video on CNN was this screengrab…

…from this article. Just in case the big, bold “Panties” in the sub-heading wasn’t clear enough, here is a larger, wobbly “PANTIES,” dead center, just reminding you that filthy ole’ Daniel is still lurking about.

You can bring your fancy cameramen and have them film my boss, and you can dress up the site with a bunch of newfangled statistics and traffic rankings, and you can even actively avoid filming me, but if you’re talking about Cracked, I will find away to embarrass us. You have my word: I refuse to be classy.

The rest of the video is here.

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    I’m a total pathetic fangirl for these guys. Mainly because just about every time I read one of their articles I feel...
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    Reasons why I forever love DOB
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