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This turtle with a mustache LOVES eating Pussy. 


This turtle with a mustache LOVES eating Pussy. 

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Was really worried that my 1,000 post would be wasted on something dumb.

Was really worried that my 1,000 post would be wasted on something dumb.

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oh you’re an LA Kings fan? name three of their albums.

Big Stanley Cupmouth

Kings Live at the County Fair [Explicit]

Under the Table and Dreaming

melissadebunked said: Yo, Daniel. I can't think of anything significant or clever to ask; your "Ask me anything" prompt is at once both liberating and daunting. It makes me feel like you're the monk on top of the mountain with the answers to everything and anything, except first I have to be able to ask the right question. I don't know the right question. I did want to say, at the risk of sounding weird, that when life is too much, I like to watch/read your junk on Cracked and it makes me laugh. So thanks for that.

Thanks for reading my junk. Your viewership puts food in my dog’s bowl.

Anonymous said: You're asked about how to deal with awkwardness an awful lot. Do you find that odd? That you're famous for comedy, but give out advice on how you've dealt with social anxiety?

I don’t think it’s odd. I’ve talked about it a bunch and it’s one of the only areas that I feel like I have a TINY bit of expertise on (the other being where my dog likes to be scratched). If people asked me questions about comedy I’d just say “Oh buddy, go read and watch the stuff made by all of those people who are much funnier than me.” And if it’s helpful for people to read one idiot’s opinion on anxiety, I’m happy to try to be that idiot from time to time.

Anonymous said: Dear Daniel, why do you only do standup in cool places? Why can't you do standup in shitty places like my town? Shitty places need your comedy the most!

I recently added a “Book Me For Your Things" button on my Tumblr for stand up, lit festivals, conventions, online content panels and so on. I’ve done a bunch of panels and shows and things over the last few years and I really enjoy the hell out of ‘em. If a thing comes up in your shitty town and you think I’d be a good fit (and the thing can take care of travel, if travel is needed), I’ll go. Doing stuff is the best.

Anonymous said: Hey Dan, how many bands have you see live?

Steely Dan was my first concert and they rocked. I saw the Pop Disaster Tour with Green Day, Blink and Saves the Day, Ben Folds maybe 14 times and Ben Folds Five twice, Guster (AWESOME), Barenaked Ladies, The Raconteurs (AWESOME), Very Old Bob Dylan (terrible!), Dream Theater a bunch of times, Fiona Apple, Weezer, Cake, The Hold Steady, The Format, MC Frontalot, Dave Matthews Band, Macy Gray by accident, Steel Train, The Format, Piebald, Gogol Bordello, Tegan and Sara, Childish Gambino, Victor Wooten… there are others I’m sure but that’s all I can think of right now.

EDIT: OH MY GOD and Janelle Monae who is the best thing ever.