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This is an incredible moment.

Oh my goodness.


This is an incredible moment.

Oh my goodness.

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32 things you didn’t know about the women of SNL, a.k.a. the most kickass women on THE PLANET! 

The Woman Crush Wednesday to end all Woman Crush Wednesdays.

Oh Noel all fancy oh.

This looks like an incredibly heavy commercial for Silk.

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chasteblowjay asked: I think my roommate's mom may have taught you in high school.

Whelp, you’ve certainly included enough information for me to be able to confirm or deny it!

Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm a middle-aged woman and so just miles out of what I imagine is Cracked's target demo. But, as an editor and 20-year publishing vet, I love good writing wherever it appears. So I ordered your book, but confess I felt unsure whether the writing I've enjoyed on Cracked would work as well in a longer format. So this is just to say that my uncertainty was unfounded; the book is a delight, and I've ordered a copy for my history-buff best friend. Congratulations -- to you and your editor!

My editor is Suzanne O’Neill and she’s absolutely fantastic, but lots of credit also goes to my agent, Byrd Leavell. I’ve heard of agents that only show up at the proposal and release stage of a book’s life, and Byrd is absolutely NOT that kind of agent. He was around every step of the way through the writing of this thing and always available to give notes and advice. He has incredibly sharp comedic/literary instincts. It’s a shame he’s a fancy agent, because I imagine he could be a fantastic and hilarious writer.

littlemisslashae asked: Are you going to be attending any conventions anytime soon? I'm trying to make it my mission to see you, Katie and Michael, since I already saw and took a photo with Soren last year during Comikaze Expo. I think you guys are pretty darn coolio and would love to meet you guys, maybe at WonderCon or Anime Expo? Comikaze Expo even? <3

I’ll be at the Arkansas Literary Festival at the end of April doing some kind of panel and otherwise just being around Little Rock. Then I’ll (probably) be at Just For Laughs in Montreal this year and Comikaze again.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm the girl who asked for your autograph at Westside and stood around in total silence like an idiot while you signed a postcard. I actually thought I was going to say "I'm a big fan" and "Agents of Cracked is awesome" and "I want to write for Cracked someday" but I'm one of those people who can't speak a human language when they're nervous. Sorry if I came off like some weird creepy asshole!

Your name was Kitty! I hope you’re having a good day.

Anonymous asked: Do you know Emma Koenig? And if so do you know her brother Ezra Koenig i.e the singer from Vampire Weekend which you referenced in Romcom. If you two are friends then I'll be happy, so no pressure

I do know Emma but I’ve not met Ezra whom I assume is pleasant. I wish I could say I wrote the Vampire Weekend bits into the first episode of Rom.Com as an Easter Egg of some kind— a reference that would serve as a reward to people who consumed literally everything Cracked and Cracked-affiliated— but I picked Vampire Weekend because I thought it would be a funny choice. Not that I think Vampire Weekend is an inherently funny band (I actually like them a bunch), it just seemed funny to me that there was one thing this seemingly perfect couple disagreed on, and it happened to be their feelings towards a band. And I picked Vampire Weekend (true story, I spent hours staring at a long list of bands trying to determine which one was the funniest choice).

Driving home today I thought “I bet Patrick Stewart would look sexy as fuck in a dress,” which isn’t the kind of thought I normally have but hey who am I to tell my thoughts what they can and can’t be. Then I went home and Googled “Patrick Stewart in a dress” and couldn’t find any results and now I’m shocked and bummed.


TEDxs: The difference between yes and no

It was an absolute honor for me to give this talk!

Created by me and Kat Mills

Shot by Nate Cornett

Sound by Spencer Strauss

Emma! I love this new series.